Best prawns, best green soup

Is Danubio a seafood restaurant? Their menu says, as many others, ‘international cuisine’. Eighty something years ago, a couple of Basques bought this place and, among cabritos and lechones euskera style, they revealed fish and seafood recipes with a Cantabrian spirit: kokotxas al pil pil, octopus in its ink, fried prawns (gambas en gabardina), a thick green fish soup and a pretty good red one… Although none of these dishes is as endearing as their grilled prawns: it’s a cuisine dedicated to the candor and redemption of the ingredient. Do what you like, always, in every aspect of life, but listen to our recommendation on this one: Danubios’ prawns can only be eaten in one way: as finger food.

Oh, and with tons of mayo.

Uruguay 3, Centro; T 5521 0976


Prices. It’s not cheap to eat at Danubio. The prawns plate will be 595 pesos. It’s worth it. You can also order the daily menu, which is very well served, but it never has prawns. It’s about 225 pesos.