Best pescado a la talla

Contramar had to be on this list. To put it under the listing of ‘best pescado a la talla’ isn’t arbitrary (it really is the best, whether it’s reddish or greenish), although it could also be under many others. Best tuna tostada? Yes. Best huevos rotos? Yes, by far. Best scallop aguachile? Yeah, duh. Best desserts? Quite there. Best service? Probably. Best sobremesa? Well, DEFINITIVELY. We wish we were there (doesn’t matter when are you reading this).

If you can’t get in –Contramar is always full–, make your own homemade bicolor pescado a la talla. Clic.

Calle Durango 200, Roma


Prices. At first sight, prices seem quite reasonable. The thing is when the meal goes long (and believe us: it will) that the check drainage starts. To make no mistake, calculate 1,000 pesos per person.