Best naan

Happily, Indian food is more and more present in town. And well represented. Dawat is our very favorite. It offers all the classic Indian restaurant characteristics (outside India). Cruel lighting, uncomfortable chairs, heartburn-proof food. Delicious dishes. The traditional Indian cuisine is different from the modern western cuisine in one basic thing: it doesn’t believe the so often mentioned “ingredient’s purity”. With Indian food, the raw materials are a vehicle, an agent for the spices. And it’s happy to be that way. Here in Dawat, you should taste the tikka masala chicken, the makhani lentils and –for vegetarians– the bhindi masala, which is an okra based curry. It’s spicy, spicy and delicious. And, of course, the naan: an instant bread, trimmed, almost scorched, slightly acid, slightly sweet. If they didn’t close, we would never leave.

Séneca 31, Polanco


Prices. A plate of lentils, an order of masala bhindi, one of tikka and one rice, two or three pieces of naan and a bottle of wine will be around 1,500 pesos. Tips and valet parking included.