The Mexican Sangwitch


by Trinidad Sánchez, Jr.; photo: Andrea Tejeda Korkowski

07152019_poema-mexican sangwitch.jpg

Is it a tortilla with peanut butter and jelly, 

or jalapeños piled on Wonder Bread? 

Is it a coney made with tortillas, 

or a Kaiser roll smothered 

with salchichas y salsa mayonesa? 

Is it chorizo con huevo on whole wheat, 

or refried beans on white bread? 

Is it the patron saint of botanas, 

or a Mexican who can only speak English? 

Is it the same as an American Taco? 

Is it a Mexican playing tic-tac-toe? 

Is it carne asada on rye, or guacamole on toast? 

Do you really want to know why? 

Is it me inside of you, or you wrapped around me? 

Is it a güera dancing with two Mexicans, 

or two gringos putting the make on my sister? 

Is it a super sandwich, with the official 

ingredients labeled: HECHO EN MEXICO! 

Is it a plain sandwich 

made by authentic Mexican hands? 

Is it true Juan de la Raza invented it? 

Is it a moot question? 

Are you a lawyer or a poet? 

Does the judge really care? 

Detroit, July 1990

Sánchez, Trinidad Jr. “The Mexican Sangwitch.” Poem from Why Am I Brown. Chicago: MARCH Abrazo Press, 1991.