#Playlist: Anthony Bourdain: The Seventies

06092018_tuit-bourdain iggy.jpg

Hace un par de años, CNN emitió el documental The Seventies. Anthony Bourdain hizo una playlist para ese programa. Es funky, guarra, sexual, ruidosa. Está aquí abajo, con una pequeña modificación. Le agregamos la recientísima 'Bells & Circles' de Underworld. Dos razones: es un grito que recuerda los setenta –y cigarros y coca y alcohol– y viene emitido por un carnal de Bourdain: Iggy Pop. Miren:

If I had wings, I wouldn't do anything beautiful and transcendent
No, I'd get my finger into everything I wanted
I'd do all the beautiful things, those things you can't do
Because nobody wants you to be able to do the things that make you feel good
Like you can't smoke on the airplane
I remember smoking on the airplane
I used to love to smoke on the airplane
Those were the golden days of air travel
They would just open the door at the airport
And you'd walk right out the tarmac
And up those stairs and light a big cigarette…

Y así toda. Acá está la playlist: