Jacinta Comedor


Best fideo seco (Mexican style noddles), best dessert part I.

Starting with its name, Jacinta adopts some of the keys to a Mexican fonda: kindness, domestic spirit, daily full-course meals. Not all of them though: fondas tend to be frugal; Jacinta is abundant. There’s no dish which doesn’t surpass its own volume expectations. The huevos rotos with fries are a mountain of luxury and fat; the steak with pasilla sauce is also a pinnacle: a pot of traditional beans, pieces of steaks with pasilla chili pepper sauce, and another pile of French fries. And, also, in a different pot: white rice with vegetables. Fondas usually leave prettiness for later; Jacinta can be very delicate: proof of this is the fideo seco (Mexican style noodles), not suitable for trembling hearts. Oh, and the cajeta flan. First, it is beautiful: a circle cut into half-moons (or a moon cut into semicircles?); second, it’s very nostalgic: it produces a shaking and childish emotion; third: it’s wicked delicious.

Virgilio 40, Polanco.


Prices. One full-course meal (comida corrida), two glasses of wine and a sparkling water will be around 800 pesos, 15% tip included.