The best and most sticky hot chicken wings.

Discover Galanga’s kitchen through their sauce path. They have the leading role or, at least, they steal the movie. The peanut sauce gives the chicken skewers a rough and nutty something; the plum sauce, almost jam, emphasizes the corn sweetness in the shrimp tortitas; the hot and sweet sauce of the chicken wings with lemon tea and lime kaffir takes them to the edge of sticky, honeyed, and wicked addictive. By far, the best wings you’ll try in a long time. The yellow curry is round, with coconut, milky; the red one highlights the hot spices. There are two green curries; ‘kheaw wan kai yang’, with grilled chicken, is nice, spicy, herbal and aromatic, garden scented, balanced between salt and sweetness. Galanga could be the kitchen where proteins are messengers and the message is encoded in the sauces.

Guanajuato 202, Roma; T 6550 4492 (Reserve in advance!)


Prices. A whole lot of food and drinks for two people (let’s say spring rolls, glazed wings, shrimp tortitas, red curry, rice with mango, a bottle and two glasses of wine, sparkling water) will be around 1,500 pesos. Not bad at all.