El Huequito


Tacos al pastor part II: best purist taco al pastor.

Tacos al pastor, the sun of the solar system in Mexico City’s cuisine, has at least four forms of existing in the city. The purist taco is in this post; the prototaco (immediate son of the Arab taco) is here; the red pastor is here, and a pastor stew is here.

Man-kind is resourceful: it seeks to improve the unbeatable; sees problems and finds solutions to those problems. There was another kind about 70 years ago, a heterodox, who saw the Arab taco from Puebla, evaluated it and considered that a few modifications could be done in order for it to satisfy his palate from Mexico City. He marinated the pork in a chili pepper, vinegar and achiote marinade; wrapped it in a corn tortilla instead of a wheat pita; sprinkled it with chopped onions and cilantro. (Then, somebody else, a genius, added a piece of pineapple. But that’s another side of the story). We don’t know who it was nor how this specific taco was named “taco al pastor”. It’s probable that many minds –second generation of Lebanese emigrants in Mexico?– worked a lot on that recipe. What we do know is that in Mexico City, the first Huequito, which is in fact a little hole in a wall on Ayuntamiento street, opened in 1959. (One square meter!) Their taco is, probably, the same as 40 years ago: meat color, not red, double bathed in sauce: a red one and a green one, wrapped in a semi-homemade tortilla, like a shroud. Do not dare to order your tacos with pineapple. Not here.

Watch the great Alex Stupak talk about El Huequito (minute 2:57)–

The special pastor at El Huequito is the real shit:


Ayuntamiento 21, Barrio de San Juan.


Prices. 100 pesos is more than enough for three tacos al pastor, a soda and tip. What else do you need?