Best pizzeria for listening to Leonard Cohen (not for breakfast).

Fratello is a pizzeria in every sense of this very round word: 33 centimeters per pizza. Small but in a corner, they say it’s a pizzeria “from women of Tlatelolco for women of Tlatelolco”, which could be the reason for using part of their vegetable harvest from the always great Huerto Tlatelolco. (If there was any justice in the world, the restaurant would be called Fratellolco). Their most appetizing pizza, sweet and acid, is the Hawaiian, which, as you all must know, is one of humanity’s greatest inventions.

Lerdo 284, Edificio Presidente Juárez local 21, Nonoalco-Tlatelolco; T 6796 9911.


Prices. One Hawaiian pizza is 105 pesos, two Fratello lemonades (with peppermint), 36. It’s (almost) a gift.