El Dragón


Best roasted duck, best hotpot, best sinology intoxication

El Dragón is located right in the middle of Zona Rosa. And in the center of this restaurant, there is a Peking duck. Probably the best duck dish there is or has ever been in town. (We’re exaggerating, but not much). Their cooks have taken their practice to a technical skill of sinology. They hang the raw animal and leave it there to age. Then, they roast it over a fruit-wood (apple?) oven/chimney in two sessions: first, cooking, and then hang it again, right outside the chimney. And second, lacquering or roasting, giving the skin a whisky or caramel color. They cut it at the table, masterfully, and place the pieces in a duck-shaped plate. The guests then must grab a steamed tortilla, white and very thin, add some meat, some crunchy skin, pour some plum and chili pepper sauce, add two types of cucumber (pickled and raw), and sprinkle a few chives; they must adopt a very serious look while doing that and eat their taco; think of that taco as an elegiac tribute to the bird that gave its life for a menu. Oh, and on Saturdays, at noon, El Dragón becomes a buffet, with large pots to place in the center of the table and cook anything in them: seafood, fish, pork, while you let vodka or an Asian liquor advance through your neurons until they feel absolutely dazzled. Nobody comes out walking.

Hamburgo 70, Juárez; T 5525 2466


Prices. Bad news? A Peking duck, two glasses of wine and sparkling water will be 1,200 pesos, tip included. Good news? It will be enough to eat there, take some home, feed the dogs and make a good broth (cover the bones with water, add chives and a piece of ginger).