De Mar a Mar


Best fish tiradito: part I and part II

In De Mar a Mar, fish tiraditos are called laminados (same as Máximo Bistrot, whose chef also designed this menu) and they are, may be, the best thing here. There’s one that cannot hide its Japanese side, made with fish and ginger, bathed in soy sauce; one made with tuna and dried chilies, not too hot but quite spicy. There’s usually also a good aguachile and memorable “envueltas”, which is fried corn dough stuffed with fish and cheese, something half way between a quesadilla and a pasty. The shrimp broth has to be one of the best in town, like the ones from the best Sanborns’ bars. There are two flawless fish dishes: a la talla or with chile güero sauce. The first one, with chilies’ crust, definitively reminds us of a perfectly well wasted evening in Barra Vieja, Guerrero, with a beer at hand, the hangover sleeping next to you like a little animal, and the bright orange sun sneaking in through the holes of the hamaca; the second is like re-reading the side-notes on the margin of a pescado a la veracruzana.

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Niza 13, Zona Rosa