Mariana Camacho

Mariana Camacho

Best vegetarian restaurant in Mexico

We are tempted to say that Al-Andalus is the best restaurant in Mexico City! We are tempted to break our own rules and kneel before their pagan altar! One could finish a master’s degree based only on their appetizers. The dried jocoque (sour cream) has a sparkling tartness, disentangled with some olive oil: non-virgin at all. Hummus (grinded chickpea) and baba ghanoush (roasted and grinded eggplant) are profound dishes: a kind of irreplaceable addiction is found on the first one; deepness on the second one comes from notes that taste burnt, toasted, smoked. A rice and lentils dish explodes thanks to the sweet presence of almost-burnt onion strips. Falafel is pure texture –crunchy at first, then padded–, but also fiercely contrasting flavors: the sesame seed in the tahini vs the pickled beets’ pure acidity vs the chickpea inside the croquette. On the other hand, tabule is extreme freshness: parsley, mint, lime. But do not listen to us: you don’t have to stay on the appetizers nor the vegetarian plates: Al-Andalus is a never-ending restaurant.

Mesones 171, Centro; T 5522 2528


Prices. Furthermore, Al-Andalus is freaking cheap. Half and order of dried jocoque, half baba ghanoush, half rice with lentils, one mutton shawarma, sparkling water and a bottle of wine will be around 500 pesos.